Why Prefabricated Homes?

Prefabricated homes are extremely adaptable to diverse end user requirements. They are readily tailored to suit a wide range of needs, from quick build short turn around bespoke projects that are both energy efficient affordable to build. 

The greatest benefit of the modular prefabricated building is the shortening of the traditional build time in that once plans are agreed the buildings are manufactured and shipped whilst at the same time ground works are commenced and completed by the time the complete building arrives for assembly and construction. Further to this is the much quicker construction time of the actual structures versus standard build structures.

In addition to this if so required it is easy to add on additional modules at a later stage or to make changes during or after assembly to the internal configuration by removing panels which can then be stored for use again so less construction waste. These buildings can be finished to a high aesthetic bespoke design and standard making the buildings blend in easily to surrounding buildings 


Low carbon Technologies offers a wide selection of modern and innovative models you can choose from. Our homes are efficient and functional with an amazing sense of size and space. Each floor plan is well-designed to put every inch of space to good use.

You can increase your space with our modular additions. 


Your home is manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory. Our process uses advanced technology and machinery for faster build-time and superior quality construction. The climate-controlled environment allows us to build better quality homes free of weather related defects.

While the home is being manufactured in the factory the groundworks can be commenced and completed by the time the complete home is manufactured shipped and delivered to the site for assembly and construction.

Our highly trained team of experienced craftsmen ensures consistent quality and code compliance that meets or exceeds building code standards.


All manufactured elements of the building design selected will be delivered direct to the site, there commences assembly and construction of the structure to finished home.
A team of skilled craftsmen and professionals complete the assembly and construction in a much shorter period of time when compared with standard home building techniques the time taken for assembly is determined by the size design and complexity of the structure being built

Our Manufacturing Partners

We are partners with Major Leading Chinese Manufacturers with 30 years manufacturing experience in the Building Industry. With leading R & D capabilities and technology advantages. Products such as modular steel structures, modular homes, and light steel sandwich panel low cost housing products range which are widely used in various countries. Key projects, such as the Olympic Sailing Center, Bay bridge of Jiaozhou Gulf, Qingdao cross sea tunnel, etc. Our products have been exported to over 110 countries, such as, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, France, Poland, Romania, Russia, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia to name a few.

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