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We operate in the low-cost housing and renewable energy sectors, providing appropriate,energy-efficient solutions in developing countries throughout the world

About Us


The founders of the business are professionals with over 30 years of experience in renewable energy, housing, project implementation and energy efficiency in Africa, Europe and elsewhere. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions.


Low Carbon Technologies Limited was formed to develop, finance, house and manage projects which improve the quality of life for disadvantaged communities, whilst incorporating the advantages of site-specific renewable energy applications. The company provides oversight, control and security for its investors, whilst facilitating the rapid deployment of investment proceeds into productive, appropriate and cost-effective projects.  



We provide specialist services in energy auditing, low-cost housing, solar-based product applications and procurement. Our staff are available at all times, to assess, specify, procure and implement projects in these sectors in Africa and other parts of the developing world.


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Our Team


David Breen - Director


Dave is a founder of the business and drives sales for LCT, having been involved in the industry for the past three years, placing private clients into PV investments in Europe. He is an authorised Investments and Pensions Advisor and a director of Breen & O’Donovan Financial Services (a financial intermediary regulated by the Central Bank), which he established in 1997 ( He has an extensive background in banking, where he spent 24 years in senior underwriting and commercial development roles with AIB Bank plc, gaining vast experience in project assessment, risk management and sustainable business development. He brings these skills to the group, together with an in-depth capability in sales and client management


Craig Naude -  Operations and Technology Officer


Craig is responsible for the acquisition and deployment of technology for the group and oversees its operations. He has been in general management for many years, occupying board positions in the pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, financial services and renewable energy industries in Africa, Europe and the USA.


Mervyn van Heerden – Manager New Business Development


Mervyn is responsible for the procurement and logistics process within the business. He has an extensive record of success in supply chain management in South Africa and the UK, with 17 years International Procurement and Logistics experience, as well as a portfolio of marketing consultancy contracts spanning 15 years. He was previously a co-founder and director of Herdboys eKapa South Africa, the first Black-owned advertising agency there.



The company was formed in 2013 to synergise the competencies of its founders and to provide a basket of appropriate solutions in the sectors in which we work.  The Head Office of the business is now located in Dublin, Ireland with representative offices in Belfast (UK) and Johannesburg (South Africa).  This provides us with an efficient project platform and enables us to respond quickly to the specific needs of each project, which we do with passion and dedication.  Working with us, you will find we still stay true to our roots and to our services offered

Product Certification and Quality


All products offered are CE Certified and all our partner factories are fully ISO Certified


All products are covered by full factory warranty


All products are fully inspected by SGS prior to shipping
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